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A comprehensive lineup of synthetic High Temperature Greases for application-specific use as bearing greases, mould lubricants, and gasket sealants. These greases can handle combinations of extreme heat (up to 2200°F/1204°C), high pressure, and speed variations in harsh industrial and mechanical environments.

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High-Temperature Applications. Our custom high-temperature roller wheel and bearing products are designed and engineered to perform in the most extreme environments. Superior heat treating, high-temperature seals and grease, along with our application expertise, ensure that our high-temperature products perform!

Silicone Greases - ACCESS Technologies, L

About Silicone Greases Specialty Silicone Products Inc. (SSP), US based company New York, can provide PTFE-filled silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricating compounds for applications that require electrical insulation or parts lubrication. These high-quality silicone lubricants meet demanding specifications for temperatures, pressures, and loads.

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is a super heavy duty, extreme pressure, multi-purpose grease proven to excel in difficult industrial applications. It has superior high and low temperature properties, providing performance over a wide operating temperature range, plus high load carrying ability and excellent water resistance.

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Ultra High Temp Bearing Grease. Anti Seize Lubricant. Ultra Extreme Temperature Grease. SL-HT 1000 is designed to meet or exceed 2200°F (1204°C) anti seize lubricant requirements. This extreme temperature bearing grease ia an anti seize synthetic that prevents seizing, galling, pitting, galvanic action and thread distortion, and provides rust and corrosion protection

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J D Industires manufacturers offers High Temperature Grease. High Temperature Grease will gradually soften in consistency without any drippage...

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High Temperature Grease are blend of synthetic base fluids and silica based thickener system. They can bear high temperature, extreme pressure, etc. They also contain combination of molybdenum disulphide and graphite. They have natural affinity for metal surfaces. Our product provide lubrication by combining to plate on surfaces so as to form a ...

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A true break thru in lubrication technology, this tungsten disulfide grease withstands extreme temperatures, extreme pressures and high RPM's in bearing use without baking or pounding out. Constant temperatures to 1472°F, (800°C) Excellent for paint curing ovens ceramic baking ovens and kilns.

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Heavy duty bentone grease; Designed for superior mechanical stability and moisture resistance; ... Enquiry about M23 — High Temperature Non-Melt Grease. Name. Email. Subject Title. Contact No. Message. ... M6 — Synthetic Grease for High Speed & Extreme Weather. Grease M4 — High Temperature MoS2 Grease.

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High Temperature Grease. Premalube Xtreme Heatshield # 1. Extreme Temperature Grease - The only patented grease specifically formulated to protect equipment exposed to extremely high temperatures. Provides superior protection for equipment against extreme heat, contaminants and heavy loads.

High Temperature Grease - Lube Oil Compa

High Temperature Grease. Premalube Xtreme Heatshield # 1. Extreme Temperature Grease - The only patented grease specifically formulated to protect equipment exposed to extremely high temperatures. Provides superior protection for equipment against extreme heat, contaminants and heavy loads.

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Choose from our selection of high-temperature grease, including over 600 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. ... -300° to 700° F— and provide superior heat and electrical conductivity compared to graphite powder. ... Extreme-Temperature Penetrating

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Molykote 44 Med Grease Medium High Temperature Grease - Extreme High Temperature, Lithium, Phenylmethyl Silicone Oil Composition, 2 NLGI Grade, 400 g, Cartridge, White Color Mi Item # 00782252 Customer Stock Number: ... Motion Industries 1605 Alton Rd. Birmingham, AL 35210, USA (205) 956-1122 ...

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High-Quality Grease Offers Versatile EP Performance Monolec® Multiplex Lubricant (4622) is a highly versatile, long-life, lithium-complex-thickened grease designed for extreme pressure (EP) performance in a variety of farm, fleet, industrial and marine applications.

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Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide, this high temperature bearing grease provides excellent anti-seize abilities as well as excellent plating for just about any low-speed bearing. When conventional greases cannot withstand the heavy shock loads and high pressure, reach for SL-HT 750 to lubricate critical bearings.

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We at Superior are confident you will find our products unmatched in quality and performance. Our products are engineered with 'state of the art' technology and our mission is providing the 'highest' level of quality and technical assistance for our valued customer. ... Extreme High Temperature Grease (1590°F) Low Temperature (Cryogenic ...

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The fully synthetic PFPE/PTFE product is a superior high temperature grease with extended life lubricating characteristics. Berutemp 500 T2 is highly resistant to thermal and chemical decomposition. 500 T2 is compatible with plastic and elastomer materials.

DSF-5000 Tech Data | Superior Industries, In

DSF-5000 ® will not oxidize such as a petroleum oil/grease at elevated temperatures. DSF-5000 ® Extreme High Temperature Grease is recommended for use where continuous operating temperatures exceed 1200°F (540°C). The maximum continuous operating temperature for DSF-5000 ® is 1500°F (730°C). However, higher temperatures on an ...

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ASC–1100/Non Metallic anti-seize compound has a variety of additives including extreme pressure additives, rust and corrosion protectors as well as dry film lubricants. All of these properties work in concert with inert thickeners and non-petroleum base oils to constitute this high quality grade anti-seize compound.

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Synthetic Grease For Extreme High Temperatures. Constant Temperatures To 1500°F / (815°C) Intermittent Temperatures To 1690°F / (921°C). DSF-5000 ® is a “Technically Advanced” synthetic grease designed for use on equipment where constant operating temperatures can reach 1500° F / 815° C, and even higher intermittently. DSF-5000 ® does not contain clay based thickeners and will not ...

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Almasol® High Temperature Lubricant is designed to withstand high temperatures, staying in place to provide constant lubrication. It also resists oxidation and vaporization. By ensuring longer lubrication intervals and fewer bearing failures, Almasol High Temperature Lubricant helps contribute to increased production and a healthier bottom line.