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Bearing grease selection Selecting the right bearing grease for a certain application is essential for achieving the maximum service life of ... To select the proper SKF grease, refer to the reference table for temperature, speed and load ranges. SKF greases suitable for use in an application based on the combination of temperature, speed and ...

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cause poor lubrication scenarios that can shorten the lives of components.Additives used within grease are designed to provide extra protection in demanding conditions. If you need expert advice when selecting grease, consult your Timken engineer. Interchange guides* are proved below. Select Your Grease Carefully for Reliable Performance

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The central questions for selecting the correct lubricant ... grease lubricated, one should look for a grease constructed ... (Courtesy of SKF Bearings) TLT Single 08-08.indd 23 7/21/08 6:07:29 PM. temperature) divided by the bearing manufacturers’ required minimum

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Selecting grease In most spindle applications with super-precision bearings, grease with a mineral base oil and lithium thickener is suitable. These greases adhere well to the bearing surfaces and can be used in applications where temperatures range from –30 to +110 °C (–20 to +230 °F) .

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Grease lubrication offers many advantages compared with oil lubrication, but selecting the right grease is complicated. Understanding the lubrication mechanisms will help in selecting the right grease with the right amount for a specific application to meet bearing life expectations.

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SKF LGEM 2 High viscosity bearing grease : LGEM 2 is a premium quality, high viscosity, mineral oil based grease using a lithium soap containing molybdenum disulphide and graphite. - Good lubr

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Selecting a suitable SKF grease The assortment of SKF greases for rolling bearings provides adequate choice for most application requirements. These greases have been developed based on the latest knowledge of rolling bearing lubrication and their quality is continuously monitored.

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Very high Consult SKF High LGGB 2 Medium LGGB 2 Low Consult SKF Extremely high High Note: Other factors may also affect selection, such as vertical shaft oscillation, vibration, and shock loads. If these conditions exist, contact SKF for proper grease selection. Note: For centralized lubrication systems, SKF offers LGAP 0, LGFA 0, and LGFA 00.

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Selecting a grease can be a delicate process. SKF has developed several tools in order to facilitate the selection of the most suitable lubricant.

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Grease consistency is subject to change as the bearing turns and the grease shears. This causes the temperature to increase and the grease to soften. Grease consistency is measured by a penetrometer. A penetrometer is an instrument that drops a weighted cone onto a grease sample and measures the depth of penetration.

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Selecting the proper grease is a bit more complex than oil specification. Greases consist of mineral or synthetic oil, additives, and thickening agents such as lithium, bentonite, aluminum, and ...

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Therefore, the SKF relubrication interval, t f, is defined as the time period at the end of which there is only a 1% probability that the bearing will fail because of grease degradation. This represents the L 1 grease life. L 10 grease life represents a 10% probability failure because of grease degradation. Grease life depends mainly on:

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Let’s walk through the grease selection process step by step, starting with the most important property. Base Oil Viscosity. The most important property of any lubricant is viscosity. A common mistake when selecting a grease is to confuse the grease consistency with the base oil viscosity.


Selecting a grease can be a delicate process. SKF has developed several tools in order to facilitate the selection of the most suitable lubricant. The wide range of tools available includes those from easy-to-use application driven tables to advanced software allowing for grease selection based upon detailed working conditions.

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Selecting grease or oil The first step in the lubrication selection process is to decide whether to use grease or oil. In most cases, grease is the appropriate choice for open bearings.

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SKF grease testing methods and equipment Worldwide product availability through the SKF dealer network In line with our policy of continuous development of our products we reserve the right to alter any part of the above specification without prior notice. MP3401E SKF Maintenance Products

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Selecting grease for bearing lubrication. Of the 36% of bearing failures caused by poor lubrication, 50% can be attributed to incorrect grease type. Therefore, it is of critical importance to the bearing performance that the correct type of grease is selected to provide the necessary base oil viscosity at the prevailing operating temperature.

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SKF bearing grease selection. Selecting a SKF grease can be a delicate process. Poor lubrication accounts for more than 36% of premature bearing failures. If including contamination, this number rises to well above 50%. The importance of proper lubrication and cleanliness is self-evident in the determination of bearing life.

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Lubricant selection: Function and composition Make sure you’re specifying the right product by using a system based on objective, repeatable and widely recognized engineering practices and principles. By Mike Johnson, CLS, CMRP ... for selecting either oil or grease lubrication.2